Headlines is a new feature on the Sportsmanship blog. Weekends are filled with sporting events and great acts of sportsmanship. So, every Monday we’ll countdown the top five sportsmanship stories of the weekend.

5. Carissa explains it all. Seventeen year-old pro surfer Carissa Moore won a surfing tour event over the weekend. Moore donated her entire $15,000 prize to the Waitara Bar Boardriders Club in New Zealand. Waitara is an after-school program that keeps kids out of trouble by involving them in water sports. Chris Moore, Carissa’s dad said he has “always tried to raise a good person, not a good surfer.” I think he’s done a tremendous job.

4. Tim and Jerry. During a tirade that wound up on YouTube last week, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made some disparaging remarks about legendary football coach Bill Parcells and NFL hopeful Tim Tebow. Jones said Tebow “would never get on the field if we drafted him.” Tebow shrugged off the comments by saying he will work even harder to prove himself to owners like Jones. Don’t be surprised if this young man ends his football career as one of the greats.

3. Duck season. The University Oregon along with the financial backing of Nike CEO Phil Knight, has made a big push to land a high-profile basketball coach in recent weeks. Their search led them to University of Missouri coach Mike Anderson. Oregon offered Anderson $3 million a year to join the Ducks. This is almost double Anderson’s current salary of $1.55 million annually. Anderson turned down the offer to remain in Columbia to coach the Tigers. Now Anderson probably won’t coach Missouri forever, but his actions clearly show he is not motivated by money.

2. Defensive tackle makes record return. Ndamakong Suh pledged $2 million to his alma mater, the University of Nebraska on Saturday. This is significant because Suh hasn’t signed his first NFL contract yet. He also committed an additional $600,000 to endow a scholarship for the university’s school of engineering, where he earned his degree. Through his gratitude and generosity, Suh shows the true impact of Husker Power.

1. Let’s play two…in one. The St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets took us back to the sandlot on Saturday. The two teams played 20 innings with the Mets finally winning 2-1. However, the score was simply an afterthought. The third baseman pitched and a pitcher played right field. All but four players between the two teams played in this game. Baseball is still the only team sport where you’ll see something like this. I mean, you’ll never see the kicker in a football game playing wide receiver of a defensive end play quarterback. Baseball may be the final frontier of sportsmanship. Thanks guys.

That’s all for this week. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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