Sportsmanship Summit – Sports Parenting

On Saturday, February 6th Maryville University and the St. Louis Sports Commission presented the St. Louis Sportsmanship Summit — A morning to improve youth sports for our kids. This event welcomed youth parents and coaches from all backgrounds. Track and field, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and even shooting sports were represented. KSDK-TV sports anchor Frank Cusumano provided an unforgettable keynote address on what it means to be a sports parent and coach. However, the core of the event rested within the breakout sessions.

Lane Green, Director of Athletics for the Olathe School District (Olathe, KS) gave a tremendous presentation on Sports Parenting. I think these tips will work for any parent with kids at every level of athletics. While it’s certainly not the full presentation, this is a good starting point and hopefully serves as encouragement for you (yes, you) to get involved in the St. Louis Sports Commission’s Sportsmanship Initiative. For more information on the Sportsmanship Initiative, click here . So without further delay, here are the main ideas you should remember as a sports parent before, during, and after the game.

Before the Game
  • Remember why kids play the game: FUN
  • Create SHARED expectations for the athletic season
  • Release your son/daughter to the game

During the Game

  • Model poise and confidence
  • Focus on the team
  • One instructional voice (let that be the coach)
After the Game
  • Give your athlete time and space
  • Be a reflective listener

Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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