Pay Attention

Scott Johnson is going to prison and deservedly so. He betrayed the trust of the children he coached, his employer, and his sport. Johnson was a weightlifting coach in Springfield, Mo. until late last year. Another staff member at the training facility noticed a video camera on his desk. The camera contained videos of two young female athletes. Springfield police later discovered more videotapes at Johnson’s home. Jurors took less than an hour to convict him in a trial that concluded this week. Prosecutors argued that Johnson videotaped the girls as they disrobed and weighed themselves.

I am disgusted by this behavior. It takes a lot for many parents to entrust their daughters to a male coach anyway – for fear of something like this happening. Johnson’s actions make it more difficult for the next coach who is truly out to help a young person succeed. I applaud the staff member who came forward in this case. The safety and security of our children is far more important than any misplaced sense of loyalty.

Parents, this is another in a long line of loud and clear wake-up calls. PAY ATTENTION to who is coaching, teaching, and mentoring your children. Stay at practice with your children. Don’t just drop them off and pick them up like some taxi service. Know what is and is not acceptable in their chosen sport. Please protect the most precious gift we have. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!



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