First Down

Brian Kelly (pictured above) has signed a five-year contract to become the new head football coach at the University of Notre Dame. Congratulations are not in order. Kelly left his 12-0 University of Cincinnati team to take the Notre Dame job. Cincinnati had a stellar regular season which earned the school its first invitation to the prestigious Sugar Bowl. Players will try to complete a 13-0 season without the coach who led them most of the way.

Players received the news after the annual football banquet Thursday evening. Wide receiver and team MVP Mardy Gilyard reportedly stormed out of the meeting. Gilyard suggested that his former coach made his new career move for the money. I can’t say that I disagree. What other reason would cause a coach to leave a 12-0 team for a 6-6 team? It seems Kelly’s integrity has an inverse relationship to his bank account. Several young men and their parents trusted him. I’m not saying Kelly should have stayed at Cincinnati forever. Everyone is free to pursue opportunities for advancement. Nonetheless, he owed his players one more month…one more game.

Don’t do this to kids. Do what you say you will do where young people are concerned. Money does not matter to them. Your word matters. It is worth more than fame or money. Let the promises you make to kids be worth more than any check anyone could ever write. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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